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Summer Conferences of Interest to Our Movements

Ah summer! Time for conferencing, submitting and gathering for organizers, activists, and left-leaning academics. New Labor Forum has done the hard work of curating some of the more important upcoming events on our radar that we think you’ll be interested in. We’re not ranking by order of importance, and would love to see the events we missed that you think ought to be mentioned.

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Trump’s Odd Allies: Union Members

So no surprise then that union members voting in the Republican primaries vote for Trump at significantly higher rates than other GOP voters. This, after roughly two decades of energetic, expensive and, until now, fairly successful efforts on behalf of the AFL-CIO to educate union voters and their families. This makes perfect sense; after years of making it clear that corporate friendly free trade deals were harming workers, why wouldn't Republican union members square the circle by going for Trump?

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*New* New Labor Forum Highlights Newsletter

Welcome to the first issue of what will be a bi-weekly newsletter for subscribers and anyone interested in the issues covered in New Labor Forum. Our goal is something somewhere between the daily skim of news concerned with labor and poor and working-class communities and the deep dive of a new issue. We hope you’ll find it informative, provocative, and attention-worthy. Let us know what you think.

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