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"New Labor Forum is one of the most thoughtful and provocative publications on workers, organized labor, and the struggle for social justice. I urge anyone concerned about these issues to subscribe today.”
-Cornel West

“To build the new unity and strength that working people need, the union movement and its allies must have a strategy debate that is serious, open, direct, respectful, and diverse. New Labor Forum has stepped to the forefront as a journal that fosters that debate in plain language and with no holds barred.”
-Andrew L. Stern, Service Employees International Union

“A strong labor movement is crucial to a democratic society. New Labor Forum hosts the discussion, debate, new ideas and even the poetry essential to a revitalized labor movement.”
-Katrina vanden Heuvel, Editor and Publisher of The Nation

“I am encouraged by the emergence of New Labor Forum. Our nation is in need of a revitalized labor movement, drawing on the rich history of workers' struggles. A journal that encourages bold new ideas about the role of labor in society is a valuable spur to labor organizing and to the larger challenge of transforming our society.”
-Howard Zinn

“The unremitting attack against unions since World War II has been an assault against the threat of democracy, and it must be beaten back if there are to be prospects for a more just and free society.  New Labor Forum is in the forefront of these efforts, which are of vital importance.”
-Noam Chomsky