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Dr. Martin Luther King during Sanitation Strike Copyright Richard L. Copley

Rethinking the Problem of Alliance: Organized Labor and Black Political Life

The enduring problem of the relationship between leading political currents within organized labor, and those prevailing among African-Americans and black advocacy organizations, has once again become a central concern of the left.

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VIDEO: Kendall Fells at the JSMI Black Lives Matter / Fight for $15 Forum

Kendall Fells, the Organizing Director of Fast Food Forward- SEIU/Fight4$15, speaks at the BLACK LIVES MATTER/FIGHT FOR $15: A NEW SOCIAL MOVEMENT forum. This panel was hosted at the Joseph S. Murphy Institute on October 19, 2015.

Listen to Mr. Fells describe the context from which the Fight for $15 grew, the beginnings of the Fight for $15, the concrete involvement of Black Lives Matter with the Fight for $15, and steps he sees moving forward.