Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis: Economic Collapse in America’s Biggest Colony And What Can be Done About It

… What do the twin catastrophes of economic collapse and debt crisis mean for the 3.5 million U.S. citizens who live on the island of Puerto Rico and for the general population right here in the United States? What should and can be done about it by political leaders in San Juan and Washington, given the toxic political divisions and gridlock in the government branches of both capitals? Juan Gonzalez has been studying closely for more than 40 years the relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States as a journalist, as a researcher and chronicler of Latino history, as a longtime activist in the Puerto Rican communities of the United States and who cares deeply about what happens there. He’s written several columns this year in the Daily News and co-hosted some segments on Democracy Now! on the situation, but a few hundred words in a newspaper article or a few minutes of a broadcast interview is woefully insufficient to express the magnitude of what is happening.

Juan Gonzalez is an editorial board member of ‘New Labor Forum’

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