Winter 2016

Winter 2016
Winter 2016 • Volume 25, Issue 1

Volume 25, Issue 1

Table of Contents

From the Editorial Team

Under the Radar

By Sarah Jaffe
Unreported and under-reported news and views that matter.

On the Contrary

Responses to Careful What You Wish For: A Critical Appraisal of Proposals to Rebuild the Labor Movement

Experiment with Change
By Amy B. Dean

A New Brand of Unionism
By Bill Fletcher, Jr.

Breaking Laws to Change Laws
By Stephen Lerner

Pipe Dreams, Tunnel Vision, and Labor’s Future
By Chris Maisano

Bust Out without Breaking Up
By Michael M. Oswalt

Lance Compa Responds

The Fissuring of the Republican Party: A Road Map to Political Chaos
By Darren Dochuk

Why is the GOP decomposing?

Black Lives Matter: Racial Justice and the Carceral State

By Russell Rickford

Where is the militant new movement headed?

Adjuncts of the World Unite: How Faculty Are Resisting the Corporatization of Higher Education
By Malini Cadambi Daniel

Why the campus has become a hot shop.

The Mondragon Cooperatives and Global Capitalism: A Critical Analysis
By Sharryn Kasmir

Does the cooperative movement pose an alternative to neoliberalism?

Oregon’s Fair Shot Coalition: Bridging the Divide Between Racial, Gender, and Economic Justice
By Raahi Reddy

How to turn suspicion into trust and change the political tides.

The Subprime Specter Returns: High Finance and the Growth of High Risk Consumer Debt
By Jennifer Taub

Is consumer credit the next bubble to burst?

The Campaign to Weaken Worker Protections
By Jamie Smith Hopkins

The growing danger of going to work.

Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory: The New Democratic Party and the Canadian Elections
By Bryan Palmer

How triumph in the Alberta elections last May ended in national disaster in November.

Earth to Labor: Dispatches from the Climate Battleground Cobryn’s Class Act Is a Climate Game Changer
By Sean Sweeney

Roots of Rebellion

A Guide to Insurgencies from Coast to Coast Liberation Southern Style
By Mariya Strauss

Organized Money: What Is Corporate America Thinking?

Student Debt and the Next Bailout
By Max Fraser

Book and the Arts

Labor at the Crossroads
Only One Thing Can Save Us: Why America Needs a New Kind of Labor Movement,  By Thomas Geoghegan

The Death and Life of American Labor: Toward a New Workers’ Movement,  By Stanley Aronowitz

If We Can Win Here: The New Front Lines of the Labor Movement, By Fran Quigley
Reviewed by Adam Reich

When Is an Employee Not an Employee?  The Employee: A Political History, By Jean-Christian Vinel
Reviewed by Steven Lopez

The Criminalization of Neighborhood Life

On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City, By Alice Goffman
Reviewed by Kesha S. Moore

The Time Grind
Unequal Time: Gender, Class and Family in Employment Schedules, By Dan Clawson and Naomi Gerstel
Reviewed by Teresa Sharpe

Out of the Mainstream: Books and Films You May Have Missed
By Matt Witt


By Dean Rader