Spring 2017

Spring 2017
Spring 2017 • Volume 26, Issue 2

Volume 26, Issue 2

Table of Contents

From the Editorial Team

Under the Radar
By Sarah Jaffe
Unreported and under-reported news and views that matter.

On the Contrary

The AFL-CIO “On the Beach”
By Mark Dudzic

Response to Mark Dudzic’s “The AFL-CIO ‘On the Beach’”
By Julie Kushner (and Kitty Weiss Krupat)

Mark Dudzic Replies

Over the Rainbow: The Uncertain Future of U.S. Politics
The World Turned Upside Down: ‘Our Revolution’, Trump Triumphant, and the Remaking of the Democratic Party
By Micah Uetricht
What is the role of ‘Our Revolution’ in the struggle against Trump?  

White Working-Class Voters and the Future of Progressive Politics
By Michael Zweig
What should progressives make of the fact that large sections of the white working-class voted for Trump?

A Listening Tour with Labor’s Trump Voters: Post-Election Union Strategy
By Gordon Lafer
Why did organized labor’s sway over union voters decline and what must be done?

Measuring the Rainbow: A Response to Richard Alba’s The Likely Persistence of a White Majority
By G. Cristina Mora and Michael Rodríguez-Muñiz
Why Richard Alba’s expansive definition of whiteness seems inaccurate and counterproductive.

How Census Data Mislead Us about Ethno-Racial Change in the U.S.: A Response to G. Cristina Mora and Michael Rodríguez-Muñiz
By Richard Alba
What’s wrong with the majority-minority Census Bureau projection and why it’s so important to get it right.

Recognize, Reduce, Redistribute Unpaid Care Work: How to Close the Gender Gap
By Diane Elson
Why the gender gap stopped closing and what to do about it.

IT is Watching:  Workplace Surveillance and Worker Resistance
By Dan Clawson and Mary Ann Clawson
How electronic spies permeate and intimidate the workplace.

The Ebbing Pink Tide: An Autopsy of Left-Wing Regimes in Latin America
By René Rojas
Did right-wing assaults or internal weaknesses doom the Latin American revolutions?

Disabled Workers and the Unattainable Promise of Information Technology
By Andrew Ross and Sunaura Taylor
What explains increased unemployment and poverty among the disabled in the information age?

Working-Class Voices

A Home Care Worker Battles Cancer and Helps Pass Overtime Protection
By Emma Yang with Kressent Pottenger

 Earth to Labor: Dispatches from the Climate Battleground

Why Clinton’s Embrace of the U.S. as an Energy Superpower Should Matter to Those Seeking to Reform the Democratic Party
By Sean Sweeney

Roots of Rebellion: A Guide to Insurgencies from Coast to Coast

Building a Multiracial Working-Class Movement Through Civics Unionism and Potluck Dinners
By Mariya Strauss

Organized Money: What Is Corporate America Thinking?

Billable Hours Up, Labor Law Down
By Max Fraser

 Books and the Arts

Life After the Great Industrial Extinction
Remaking the Rust Belt: The Postindustrial Transformation of North America
By Tracy Neumann
From Steel to Slots: Casino Capitalism in the Postindustrial City
By Chloe Taft
Reviewed by Lily Geismer

The Winner-Take-All Economy
The Great Convergence: Information Technology and the New Globalization
By Richard Baldwin
The Rise and Fall of American Growth: The U.S. Standard of Living Since the Civil War
By Robert J. Gordon
Reviewed by Andrew Elrod

In Our Hands Is Placed the Power
The Fight for $15: The Right Wage for a Working America
By David Rolf
No Shortcuts: Organizing for Power
By Jane F. McAlevey
Reviewed by Samir Sonti

Out of the Mainstream: Books and Films You May Have Missed
By Matt Witt

By Alberto Ríos

The Border: A Double Sonnet

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