On the Contrary: A Debate on Sectoral Bargaining

The pros and cons of sectoral bargaining are the subject of our “On the Contrary” section in the latest issue of New Labor Forum.  Larry Cohen, former president of the Communications Workers of America, makes the case for sectoral (industry-wide) bargaining, the rule in most developed countries outside the U.S. Sectoral bargaining, he contends, would eliminate worker competition and unit fragmentation, common in our shop-by-shop system of bargaining. Veena Dubal, a University of California law professor, calls for caution. Citing cases in California and New York involving Uber and Lyft drivers, she shows how the effort to advance sectoral bargaining—involving legislators, unions, and employers and often conducted behind closed doors—can result in restricted bargaining rights and loss of fundamental worker protections.

Read the debate here:

U.S. Bargaining and Organizing Rights Trail Every Other Democracy 
By Larry Cohen

Sectoral Bargaining Reforms: Proceed with Caution 
By Veena Dubal

Larry Cohen Replies to Veena Dubal 
By Larry Cohen

Veena Dubal Replies to Larry Cohen 
By Veena Dubal


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