Volume 29 Issue 1 (Winter 2020)

From the Editorial Team

Under the Radar
By Sarah Jaffe
Unreported and under-reported news and views that matter.

The “Blue-ing” of California
By Harold Meyerson

White Nationalism, the Working Class, and Organized Labor
By Erik Loomis

Trump’s Tariffs and U.S. Workers
By William Milberg

López Obrador’s Rise to Power: What Does It Hold for Labor?
By Rene Rojas

Organizing in the Game Industry: The Story of Game Workers Unite U.K.
By Jamie Woodcock

The Hidden Fight over Women’s Work
By Jenny Brown

Nothing Else Happens without This: Securing the Vote in 2020 and Beyond
By Michael C. Li

The U.S Union Avoidance Industry Goes Global
By John Logan

Working-Class Voices

Down to Bare Bones: A New York Laborer Shares Her Story
By Kressent Pottenger

Earth to Labor: Dispatches from the Climate Battleground

Weaponizing the Numbers: The Hidden Agenda Behind Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform

By Sean Sweeney

Roots of Rebellion: A Guide to Insurgencies from Coast to Coast

“This Messed Up System Was Not Designed for You”: Women, Freed from Prison and Organizing for Their Rights

By Mariya Strauss

Organized Money: What Is Corporate America Thinking?

Big Trouble for Big Tech
By Max Fraser

Books and the Arts

The Correspondent
By Gabriel Winant

Confronting Colonial Capitalism
By Alex Standen

Whose Right to the City
By Andrea Gibbons

Out of the Mainstream: Books and Films You May Have Missed
By Matt Witt

By Natalie Diaz

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