Volume 29 Issue 2 (Spring 2020)

From the Editorial Team 

Under the Radar

By Sarah Jaffe
Unreported and under-reported news and views that matter. 

All Unhappy Social Democratic Parties Are Alike: They’ve Lost the White Working Class
By Harold Meyerson 

Socialism: A Question for Our Times 

The Final Conflict? Socialism and Climate Change
By Sean Sweeney 

On-Again/Off-Again: The Relationship between Socialism and U.S. Labor 
By Chris Maisano  

Socialism and the Argument against Race Reductionism
By Adolf Reed Jr. 

Do Socialists Believe in a Family Wage?
By Suzanne Kahn 

China Today: Capitalism for the Masses  

Tech Worker Organizing in China: A New Model for Workers Battling a Repressive State
By Kevin Lin 

The Ambitions of China’s Market-Leninism 
By William K. Tabb 

No Worker Left Behind: Protecting Workers and Communities in the Green New Deal
By Jeremy Brecher 

Channel Surfing: Roseanne Meets Archie
By Kim Kelly 

Working-Class Voices 

Game Workers Unite!
By Kressent Pottenger 

Roots of Rebellion: A Guide to Insurgencies from Coast to Coast  

The New Solidarity: How Immigrant Bond Funds Free ICE Detainees
By Mariya Strauss 

Organized Money: What Is Corporate America Thinking? 

Corporate America vs. the Green New Deal 
By Max Fraser 

Books and the Arts 

Paving the Road to a Socialist Future
The Socialist Manifesto: The Case for Radical Politics in an Era of Extreme Inequality
By Bhaskar Sunkara
Reviewed by Emma Teitelman 

A Mon Valley Memoir: How Steelworkers in Homestead Went Down Fighting in the 1980s
Homestead Steel Mill—The Final Ten Years: USWA Local 1397 and the Fight for Union Democracy
By Mike Stout
Reviewed by Steve Early  

Latin America and the Radical Left: Reconsidering Transnational Solidarity
Solidarity: Latin America and the US Left in the Era of Human Rights
By Steve Striffler
All-American Nativism: How the Bipartisan War on Immigrants Explains Politics as We Know It
By Daniel Denvir
Reviewed by Erik Loomis 

Out of the Mainstream: Books and Films You May Have Missed 
By Matt Witt