Volume 31 Issue 1 (Winter 2022)

Table of Contents

From the Editorial Team

On the Contrary: A Debate on Sectoral Bargaining

U.S. Bargaining and Organizing Rights Trail Every Other Democracy 
By Larry Cohen

Sectoral Bargaining Reforms: Proceed with Caution 
By Veena Dubal

Larry Cohen Replies to Veena Dubal 
By Larry Cohen

Veena Dubal Replies to Larry Cohen 
By Veena Dubal

The People vs. the Culture Elite

Decolonizing the Cultural Workplace: A New Organizing Front 
By Andrew Ross

Modern Art/Ancient Wages 
By Kitty Weiss Krupat

Art Is Work: A Dancer’s Reflection 
By Megan Wright

More Babies for the State: The “Carefare” Regime of Anti-Liberal Hungary
By Eva Fodor

Pro-Labor, Non-Union: America in 2022 
By Harold Meyerson

Global Solidarity on the Docks 
By Katy Fox-Hodess

Covid-19’s Toll on the World’s Informal Workers 
By Jenna Harvey

Fueling Financialization: The Economic Consequences of Funded Pensions
By Benjamin Braun

Working-Class Voices

110 Degrees in the Truck: Sanitation Workers Deserve Better
By Kressent Pottenger

Earth to Labor: Dispatches from the Climate Battleground

Covid, Climate Change: Is the World Ready for “Global Public Goods”?
By Sean Sweeney

Organized Money: What Is Corporate America Thinking?

Soak the Rich
By Max Fraser

Books and the Arts

A Ministry for the Present 
The Ministry for the Future
By Kim Stanley Robinson
Reviewed by Matt Hauske and Hilary Strang

Wage Scales: Making Sense of Nonsense
You’re Paid What You’re Worth: And Other Myths of the Modern Economy
By Jake Rosenfeld
Reviewed by John Lepley

Our Bookshelf: Recent Publications by Members of New Labor Forum’s Editorial Board and Staff

Out of the Mainstream: Books and Films You May Have Missed 
By Matt Witt

By Joseph Millar

Telephone Repairman
Love Pirates