Volume 32 Issue 1 (Winter 2023)


From the Editorial Team

Why We Need Debtors’ Unions
By Andrew Ross

Mexican Labor’s New Deal and the Promise of North American Worker Solidarity
By Jeffrey Hermanson

U.SLabor and the Struggle for Democracy
By Joseph A. McCartin

The Trump Supreme Court Is Nothing New: A History of the Supremes
By Steve Fraser 

Stakeholderism: The Folly of a Kinder and Gentler Corporate America
By Richard McIntyre and  Michael Hillard

The Case for Linking Green Industrial Policy and Inclusionary Immigration
By Andrew Pezzullo

Beyond Policing: The Problem of Crime in America
By José Luis Morín

Opening the Window of Opportunity: The Prospects for Mass Organizing

Making Hope and History Rhyme: A New Worker Movement from the Shell of the Old
By Marilyn Sneiderman and Stephen Lerner

The Case for an Eclectic Mass Movement
By Cedric de Leon

A Model for Labor’s Renewal? The Starbucks Campaign
By John Logan

Travels with Chris: The Evolution of an Internship
By Kitty Weiss Krupat

Working-Class Voices

In Harm’s Way: Delivery Workers Fight the Apps
By Kressent Pottenger

Books and the Arts

Why There Is No Working-Class Revolution
The Class Matrix: Social Theory After the Cultural Turn
By Vivek Chibber
Reviewed by Cody Stephens

A Path Across the Border
International Solidarity in Action: The Relationship Between the United Electrical Workers (UE) and the Frente Autentico del Trabajo (FAT)
by Robin Alexander
Reviewed by Dan DiMaggio

A Program Not a Handbook for Class Struggle Unionism
Class Struggle Unionism
by Joe Burns
Reviewed by Marc Kagan

Out of the Mainstream: Books and Films You May Have Missed
By Matt Witt

By Eduardo C. Corral

In Colorado My Father Scoured and Stacked Dishes

Testament Scratched into a Water Station Barrel